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Our international experience and multidisciplinary background, enable us to provide solutions to a wide variety of problems as outlined below:


Research and Development: Conduct research in pure and applied sciences jointly with US and international organizations to benefit local and regional economies. Assist in the development and deployment of useful and viable solutions by proposing efficient and cost effective methodologies and approaches.


Automation through Information Technology: Office automation, system integration, networking, groupware applications, interdepartmental and enterprise-wide automation, sectoral information networks, multimedia deployment, intranet/extranet/internet development, custom problem solving, and migration planning.


Systems and Training for Infrastructure and Social Support: Develop and deploy environments for Engineering Design Automation (EDA) training. Organize and conduct seminars related to Computer Aided Design (CAD) Environmental Modeling for professional engineers, and Multimedia/WWW distributed training.


Academic and Institutional Planning: Provide resources for planning and managing educational and research facilities. Develop telelearning/telematic applications and support of fixed duration and  life-long learning programs.


Energy and Environmental Engineering: Project management and engineering-related services associated with energy resources and their impact on the environment. Power plant risk assessment, evaluation, and efficiency improvement. Nuclear waste management.


Telecommunications Infrastructure: Support national and international voice and data network planning and deployment including satellite and fiber optic media, capacity assessment, hardware evaluation, strategic technology, and cost impact analyses.


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