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        Free Email for our members:

All members now, can access their new e-mail accounts according to the following directions.

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Email Directions:
Accessing your email accounts using a POP3 mail client is as follows:

1. POP3 server is mail.istos.org
2. SMTP server is mail.istos.org
3. Username is in user@istos.org format. If you're using Netscape mail, the username is in user%istos.org format.
Your user name has been setup with your first initial followed by your lastname.
4. Password is made from the your two initials followed by a 2 digit number equal to the number of letters of your lastname plus one (or the number of letters of your user name)

Access your e-mail through the Web via any client  from anywhere:

1. Visit http://mail.istos.org:8383 (You can also use if the previous form does not respond)
2. Enter user@istos.org as the UserID, where user is defined as above.
3. Your Password is the one defined above


  • istosdc sends to both your everyday account and to your new account at istos.org, and includes all the DC area members.
  • istosdcext sends to the previous plus SS and VK who are in the "extended" DC area :-)

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