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ISTOS announcements related to science and technology projects, conferences, requests for proposals, calls for participation, and other related information will be posted in this area.

IST 98 Conference on Living and Working in the Information Society.

This three-day Conference and Exhibition takes place from 30 November to 2 December in the Austria Center Vienna. Information society technologies increasingly pervade all industrial and societal activities. At the same time, the technologies underpinning the development of the information society are in rapid evolution, with advances in information processing and communications opening up exciting new possibilities in the way we live, work and enjoy ourselves. The technologies and their social impact will be addressed in a variety of sessions and debates during the first two days of IST 98, covering:

Empowerment: developments in enabling technologies
The Attention Economy: information exchange in an Information Society
Living in the Information Society
Working in the Information Society
The Pleasure Business: the infotainment industry
International Cooperation



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