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Provide effective innovative science and technology solutions for complex problems of regional, national and international interest, by bringing together the interdisciplinary expertise of researchers, technologists, professionals, private industry and government representatives in the areas of education, health, environmental protection, rural development, urban planning, and communications, as needed for sustainable human and economic development.


Support the implementation of wide-scale, efficient, contemporary and economical technological solutions for regional economies in need of restructuring, economic growth, and progress.


Establish and maintain a mechanism over the Internet and the World Wide Web that will help identify, assess and utilize the existing intellectual/professional talent of scientists, engineers and other professionals throughout the world who are interested in collaborating to promote the above mentioned activities.


Establish and maintain a mechanism over the Internet and the World Wide Web that will help maintain a data base of all interested individuals and potential projects; will promote networking; will promote collaborative tele-presence that will allow participants to be involved with science and technology project strategic design and development; will facilitate communication with other organizations; and, in general, will enhance the operational environment of all members by allowing them to cooperate without needing to meet in a common place.


Educate the public about the positive effects of the appropriate uses of science and technology on their lives, through conventional and electronic publications and events, and to provide practical guidance by making policy choices clear, and addressing barriers to effective policy implementation.


Sponsor seminars, workshops, conferences and other educational events where community, business, and academia leaders along with government and organizational representatives and other concerned members of the public may meet to exchange ideas, suggest solutions, and implement strategies to employ science and technology solutions for serious problems affecting large numbers of people.


Meet with governmental representatives and other organizations, report to governmental committees, agencies and boards, and generally to help local, state and federal lawmakers establish legislation to support the implementation of science and technology solutions for the common benefit.







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