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Who we are: A growing group of science and technology professionals who believe that they can help improve the living conditions of the people on this planet, through economic growth, stimulated by Education, and Science and Technology applications. We believe that the active involvement on a personal level is necessary to produce quicker results, through the agility and flexibility of the teams formed under our organization's collaborative environment.


The vision: We believe in the improvement of the economic conditions of people in the world via the active participation and cooperation of individuals and organizations in projects that utilize a very distinct and enormous opportunity of the near future, to satisfy a very distinct need of the present.

The opportunity: The information and communication technology evolution, will evolve from what is now called communication between individuals to what might be called telecommunion and experience sharing, in an asynchronous cooperating processes manner, that will lead to a new dimension of experience driven by the enormous benefits emenating from the cooperative cross-leveraging of people's intellectual capitals.

The need: There are many areas in the world that are in need of economic growth as a necessary component for prosperity. This appears to be applicable both on individual and team levels, as they operate on a local, national and/or international level.



Who we look for: We look to join forces with people of type "7" ( binary "111" ) personality characterized by the three main attributes of effective people: adroitness in what they do, self-motivation in what they want to do, and benevelancy in how they relate with others. If you feel that you are  this kind of capable and positive individual, and you agree with the mission of this organization, please visit the members section of this site.


When we started: Our organization sprung into existence in the summer of 1997, as a consequence of the struggle of the founding members to find a vehicle for channeling their expertise and desire for results in helping improve people's lifes, through their technical capabilities and active participation in projects that will help create the necessary conditions for economic growth.







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